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Due to our access to a vast array of music networks, we're able to reach a large audience. This gives us a strong footing in Soundcloud promotion.

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Soundcloud Promotion?

There are two main ingredients that make the recipe of success: production and promotion. First you need to make sure your tracks are up to the industry standards. After your tracks have that professional sound, it's time for promotion, and the Internet is the best medium of promotion because of the speed and the sheer quantity of people you can reach. Overnight stardom is a real online possibility, as we've seen over and over again.

We perfected our statistical and analytical tools so to optimize and supervise the promotional process. What we need from you is the music. What we do for you is make your music heard by the masses. Just buy Soundcloud plays and let us spread the music over our network.

Buy Soundcloud Followers

It's important for an artist or music record label to have a large following on Soundcloud. Read why you should buy Soundcloud followers for your artist or record label profile:


  • Labels are seeking for promoted artists
    Good record label has to promote themselves and high play count is good indicator.
  • Artist signing up on your label will love it
    When artists signs to a label he's looking after well promoted record labels that will promote him.

Soundcloud Promotion

Our service offers comprehensive Soundcloud promotion that will make your tracks viral through our blog network. Numerous Soundcloud promotion campaigns with recognizable artist gave us wide knowledge on whats possible and what not. We have been in electronic dance music industry from late 90's, so we are well adaptable to rapid changes in dance music industry.

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The sad fact is not always the best music is best seller. More then obviously is that there are talents that don't know how to market themselves because they don't know how to or they just dont have money for it. This means the if you buy Soundcloud followers, you're in fact investing in your future and more gigs will follow. The real effect with boosting your exposure and Soundcloud plays is, that people will more likely listen to track with many Soundcloud plays, than those with few dozens and that's why you should consider to buy Soundcloud plays from our website.

Why Our

Specialized Team

We decided to specialize and excel at one thing: online promotion of electronic music. Because of our laserlike focus on this industry, and our compact, effective team, we're able to achieve results reliably and expediently.

We'd love to talk to you personally, feel free to contact us at for any additional details on advertising or our PayPal payment proccess. Once you're registered we'd love to establish a business relationship with you that will pave the way for your success.

How To Get More

Followers On Soundcloud?

Feature There are three simple ingredients to the recipe of success. Good music, solid production, and intelligent promotion. The production quality will give your tracks a professional touch. Low production quality sounds amateurish and can severly damage an otherwise good track. Professional mastering will also ensure that your track will sound great on all sound systems, in a car or on an iPod.

The third step of the process is Soundcloud promotion. This is where we come in. Today's technology allows virtually everyone to make music and post it online. The problem with this is that the market is saturated. There's truly too many tracks online, and it's making it harder and harder to be recognized.

We will set you apart from the rest. That's why we recommend you to buy Soundcloud followers and our services. We will make your songs stand out – by bringing it to the right audiences worldwide, and ensuring they become faithful followers of your work. This is something you will not get anywhere else.

Buy Soundcloud Plays

How to get more plays on Soundcloud? Our wide blog network covers all musical genres, with the majority of blogs (70%) being electronic music oriented. Our network also includes an astounding 20 music related portals reaching a massive number of music fans. We feed music to more than 30.000 music-hungry fans daily. lationship with you that will pave the way for your success. This way, you can buy Soundcloud plays directly from our music blog network.

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the competition

The only problem with online promotion is the amount of competition! Because making music has become available to so many people, and because so many artists have learned how to do promotion themselves, the competition is insane!

That's why you need professional promotion, especially at the beginning: our research and experience has shown us again and again that it's the initial promotional phase that counts most!

What do I get?

With your purchase, you're getting a premium spots in our music blog network. Depending on selected package, we'll post your music to specific amount of blogs/websites that we own.

Our wide blog network covers all musical genres, with the majority of blogs (70%) being electronic music oriented.

Our network also includes an astounding 20 music related portals reaching a massive number of music fans. We feed music to more than 30.000 music-hungry fans daily.

  • High Profile Traffic
    With over 20 diffrent webistes in our portofilo, we can deliver high amounts of visitors that are interested in music.
  • Worldwide Audience
    Our Google Analytics Tool counts visits from over one hundred diffrent countries.
This way you're reaching our visitors naturally and with non agressive strategy. Your track is basicly embed, so the player and artwork is clearly visible on the blog and accessible to everyone.

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We're not in the clairvoyance business, so we cannot predict the future; listeners will react to your tracks depending on many factors.

But we'll make sure to squeeze the best effect out of your tracks, we'll bring out the inner potential of your music. What we promise is that you your tracks will be exposed to a varied, world-wide audience.

We offer full money back guarantee in case that you dont receive promised amount of plays.

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